Sizun Jiang, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. CVVR Immunology Technologies Core Director.


University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.S. Major: Molecular Biology).

Harvard University (PhD in Virology).

Stanford University (Postdoctoral).

I completed my Ph.D. training at Harvard with Elliott Kieff, uncovering the complex host-pathogen chromatin interactions during viral-driven lymphomagenesis. I next moved west for some warmth and sunshine, where I worked with Garry Nolan at Stanford on technology development and ways to better interrogate biological systems. My current interests lie at the intersection of addressing critical questions in host-disease interactions, through the development and applications of novel spatial technology platforms and computational algorithms. Ongoing work includes the biology of viral pathogenesis, tumor biology, and immune dysregulation.

Fun fact: Since starting the lab, I have 5 new email accounts (and counting).

Precious Cramer, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Ghana (B.Sc. Major: Biochemistry, M.Phil: Molecular Cell Biology).

University of Freiburg (PhD).

My doctoral thesis focused on solving the molecular mechanisms driving humoral immune evasion during human cytomegalovirus infection, with the aim of identifying viral targets for novel intervention and prevention strategies. Outside the lab, I enjoy interior designing and traveling.

Fun fact: I like sweet stuff.

Huaying Qiu

Biostatistician, Code Ninja and Manager of Servers


Reed College (B.A. Major: Mathematics).

University of North Carolina (M.S. in Biostatistics)

I am a biostatistician by training. Currently, my research interests are mostly in medical image analysis and machine learning methods. In my leisure time, I enjoy photography, cooking, badminton, and kendo.

Fun fact: I wanted to go to culinary school when I was applying for college.

Yao Yu Yeo

Albert J. Ryan Graduate Fellow, Harvard Program in Virology.


Cornell University (B.A. Major: Biological Sciences. Minor: Infectious Disease).

Hello! My name is always mispronounced, and I am currently older than I look. I am pursuing a PhD in Virology at Harvard, where I spend too much time daydreaming and learning in the lab. I find viruses fascinating for their extraordinary capabilities despite being minuscule pieces of genetic material, and I admire the potential for highly multidisciplinary research. Outside of work, I enjoy playing the piano and gaming with my friends.

Fun fact: Many people have told me that I have a very unusual collection of drinks.

Jason Yeung



Cornell University (B.S. in Biological Sciences (Microbiology))

Boston University (M.S. in Bioinformatics)

I started out studying microbiology and cancer biology in the lab before transitioning to more computational work and bioinformatics. I’ve always been a visual learner so I’m really excited by spatial technologies and where they can take biology research in the near future. Outside of the lab, I’m always looking for my next hiking trip and I’m also a big basketball fanatic.

Fun fact: When I have free time, I volunteer as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line.

Jia Le Lee

A*STAR & Schmidt Postdoctoral Fellow


National University of Singapore (BSc in Life Sciences, Specialization in Biomedical Science)
University of Cambridge (PhD in Biological Science)

I am passionate about advancing research that transforms healthcare and benefits mankind. Germinal centres and B cells are my first scientific loves, but I am keen on expanding my arsenal of scientific tools, so I can delve into diverse biological researchareas in the future. After long days at work, I recharge by reading a (non-scientific) book and enjoying a cup of tea. I also enjoy travelling, hiking, and singing.

Lindsay Parmelee

Jiang Lab & Tissue Technology Unit Lab Manager


Lewis & Clark College (BA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Certified Histotechnologist (ASCP)
Currently attending Tufts University (MPH in Epidemiology)

I fell in love with bench work while spending summers with my dad while he was in a PhD program, and bench work is all I’ve wanted to do since. I attended Lewis & Clark college and got a BA in Biochemistry and Molecular biology and a few years later joined a histology core in Oregon. My interests lie in all things tissue (so long as it can’t talk back).

Fun fact: I can't smell rotten milk, and wet peanut butter is the single worst smell to me.

Chi Ngai Chan

Staff Scientist & Tissue Technology Unit Director


University of Cambridge (B.A. Natural Sciences)
University of Glasgow (Ph.D. Virology)

I was recruited to the CVVR in Feb 2023 to bring research histotechnology capabilities to the institute. I split my time between Sizun’s lab, Dan Barouch’s lab and running the Tissue Technologies Unit.

Fun fact: I have a collection of histology-themed jokes, want to hear one? “What is the favorite song for a histotech? First cut is the deepest..."

Hendrik Michel

Graduate Student, Harvard Program in Virology


University of Cambridge (B.A. Major: Biological Natural Sciences/Pathology; M.Phil: Biological Science, Dept. of Pathology)

After finishing high school in Germany, I moved to Cambridge (UK) for my undergraduate and master’s degrees where I worked with Dr. Geoffrey Smith on SARS-CoV-2 innate immune evasion and Dr. Colin Crump on HSV-1 tegument proteins, respectively. I then moved to the US in 2022 and am currently a G2 graduate student in the Virology PhD Program. My previous rotations were with Dr. Ben Gewurz and Dr. Philip Kranzusch, after which I rotated in and then joined the Jiang lab. My primary research interests are host-pathogen interactions at the immunity interface as well as the development and implementation of novel spatial technologies.

Fun fact: If I hadn’t gone to college, I would’ve either wanted to be a pastry chef or a floris

Stephanie Yiu

LSRF Postdoctoral Fellow joint with Don Ingber/Girija Goyal (Wyss)


The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (B.Sc. Major: Biotechnology; Minor: Bioengineering)
The University of Hong Kong (M.Phil: Oncovirology)
Harvard University (PhD in Virology)


I completed my doctoral training with Ben Gewurz at Harvard. Through transcriptomics and proteomics approaches, I constructed the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)-B cell protein-protein interaction map, uncovering multiple mechanisms the virus employs to evade host intrinsic and innate immune pathways. Outside the lab, I enjoy photography and running.

Fun fact: I am a fun person

Shuli Luo

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Training, Haipeng Xiao Lab, Sun Yat - Sen University

Sun Yat - Sen University (M.D.)

I completed my M.D. training few months ago and work as a physician in theendocrinology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University. My research interest is thyroid disease, especially thyroid cancer. I’ve been focusing on exploration of molecular mechanisms of thyroid cancer with bioinformatic analysis. Spatialomics is fascinating for me and will be my next pursuing target. As a sports lover, I am fond of playing badminton, jogging and hiking.

Johanna Schaffenrath

Roche Postdoctoral Fellow


Medical University of Vienna (Postdoctoral)

University of Zurich (PhD, Neuroscience)

During my PhD in the lab of Annika Keller in Zurich, I focused on brain vasculature and the blood – brain barrier in health and disease – with special focus on drug delivery to brain tumors. For my first PostDoc, I left Switzerland and moved back to Austria and with this I also moved away from CNS. In the Genes and Disease Lab of Erwin Wagner I got fascinated by cancer – associated cachexia and neuromuscular junctions. Also, I am a big fan of Pericytes. Outside the lab, I enjoy discovering my knowledge gaps during Pub Quiz.

Fun fact: I have a folder full of screenshots of recipes which I am sure I will never use. Still, I continue collecting.

Zhensheng Zhang

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Training, Ming Kuang Lab, Sun Yat - Sen University

Zhejiang University (M.D.)

I am a visiting researcher from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat – Sen University (Guangzhou, China). In the future, I hope to focus my research on the tumor immune microenvironment. I enjoy participating in outdoor activities such as hiking. If it is possible, I would like to learn to play the guitar.

Fun fact: If you want to have dinner with me, you ’ll have to pick from hot pot, bbq or seafood.

Yuzhou Chang

Joint Postdoctoral Fellow with Qin Ma (OSU)


China Pharmaceutical University (B.E. in Biopharmaceutical)

The Ohio State University (Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics, Qin Ma’s Lab)

During my Ph.D. life, I was co-trained in a wet lab (Dr. Zihai Li at OSU) and a dry lab (Dr. Qin Ma at OSU) for developing and applying machine/deep learning tools to study anti-tumor immunity. For computation,  I am interested in modeling biological pattern presentation using graph-based methods. Regarding biology, I prefer to mine atlas-level data to study T-cell exhaustion mechanisms in different conditions. In the future, I would like to work in this direction in-depth.

Fun fact: I don’t believe AI will replace me!

Pierre Stéphan

Joint Postdoctoral Fellow with Scott Rodig (BWH/DFCI)


University of Dijon, Bourgogne, France (MD in hematology)

University Claude Bernard of Lyon, France (PhD in Immunology)

I completed the first years of my medical studies in Lyon then my residency and my MD under the supervision of Dr. Olivier Casasnovas in Dijon. I was particularly passionate about lymphomas and immunotherapies. I therefore completed a PhD in immunology on the immune microenvironment in T-cell lymphomas, in Yenkel Grinberg-Bleyer’s team at the Lyon Cancer Research Center. I am very interested in immunology in lymphomas, a dark zone where the tumor cells themselves come from the immune system.

Fun fact: Despite numerous YouTube tutorial videos, I still can't pronounce the "r" in English.

Paige McCallum

Visiting Graduate Student


B.S. Fordham University (Major: Biological Sciences)

I am a visiting graduate student from Dr. Sonia del Rincon’s lab at McGill University, where I am studying the effects of the MNK-eIF4E axis in the tumor microenvironment. My primary research focuses on understanding the relationship between phospho-eIF4E and cancer-associated fibroblasts. I love to do crossword puzzles and am an avid Philadelphia sports fanatic.

Fun fact: I am the president of the McGill University Rowing Club

Wenrui Wu

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Training, Xiaoshun He Lab, Sun Yat-Sen University

Sun Yat-Sen University (M.D.)

I completed my M.D. training in Kidney Transplant department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University (FAH-SYSU) and worked as a surgeon in the Liver Transplant department. My research interest is in the immune and metabolic microenvironment of liver at diseased (especially cancer) and transplanted status. I have been focusing on exploring immune mechanism underlying liver cancers using bioinformatics methods, including bulk, single-cell and spatial transcriptomics. I would like to pursue further training in the field of spatial-omics. I enjoy rogue-like and metroidvania games in my spare time.

Fun fact: I like to play around with new tools for days, and then go back to the original ones.


Bokai Zhu

Postdoctoral Fellow (Alex Shalek lab).


Stanford University (Ph.D)
Cornell University (B.S. Major: Biology).

I’m interested in microbiology, immunology, cancer biology, system and computational biology. Of course the list is always expanding until I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

Fun fact: Didn’t learn how to bike until I was 18.

Yunhao Bai

Postdoctoral Fellow (Fei Chen lab).


Stanford University (Ph.D in Chemistry).

Tsinghua University (B.S. Major: Chemistry).


I am always curious about the collective behaviors of no matter molecules, cells or individuals.

Fun fact: Can’t drive but loves watching F1.

Han Chen

Graduate Student, UCSF (Karin Pelka and Christina Theodoris labs)


UCLA (B.S. Major: Bioengineering)

Hi! My name is Han, like Han Solo.
I’m generally interested in using single-cell technologies to characterize the immune system and understand how different cells communicate with one another to coordinate a response.
Outside of the lab, my hobbies include playing ultimate frisbee competitively, climbing, playing tennis, running …sports. Love sports.

Fun fact: I own 31 long sleeve t-shirts. Long sleeve > Short sleeve

Hongbo Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Brigham and Women's Hospital (Bo Zhao Lab).


Sun Yat-sen University (PhD)

I am studying the mechanisms of EBV infection of nasopharyngeal epithelium cells and B cells in Dr. Bo Zhao’s Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.Outside of the lab, I enjoy walking with my family on weekends

Fun fact: I have two dinosaurs.


Addison Deisher

Lab Manager and Research Assistant. Wonder Woman keeping the lab afloat.


Pepperdine University (B.A. Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry and Spanish).

I have no idea what to write here, but I love Molecular Biology and Chemistry. Immunology is pretty cool and so is Public Health. Eventually, I want to go to grad school, but I’m still trying to figure out what type of program I want to pursue. Ask me two days in a row and you will probably get two different answers.

Fun fact: I only have 9 fingers.

Guanrui Liao

Visiting Graduate Student


Sun Yat-sen University (Bachelors in Clinical Medicine: Liver Surgery).

Graduate Student (Ming Kuang Lab)

I am Liao Guanrui, a visiting student at Jiang Laboratory. I am a Ph.D/M.D. student of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou, China), majoring in liver surgery under supervision of Prof. Kuang Ming. I have been working on various researches concerning molecular mechanisms and tumor microenvironment of liver neoplasms since 2018. During my undergraduate course, I organized several activities as the president of the Student Union and took part in an exchange program in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Personally, I have a wide range of hobbies and I am good at Chinese traditional hand-writing.

Fun fact: I always attract stray cats and dogs that I walk by

Andrew Ma

Research Assistant and Noodle Master


Cornell University (B.A. Major: Biological Sciences (Computational Biology) and Mathematics (Mathematical Biology)).

I will complete my undergrad studies May 2022 and will also figure out how to make hand-pulled noodles via an optimal dough recipe. My research interests are broad and I enjoy anything that involves disease and mathematical theory, and I studied henipaviruses and their glycoprotein functions in my undergrad. I am always engrossed by anything that involves asking questions and designing experiments to test those questions.

Fun fact: I had recurrent sinus infections every 3 weeks for two years.

Maxim Markovic

Visiting Graduate Student, Cancer Biology, Stanford University (Garry Nolan Lab).


University of California Berkeley (B.A.). Major: Integrative Biology

After graduating, I studied macrophage-mediated immunotherapy strategies in the laboratory of Dr. Irving Weissman at Stanford University. In 2018, I began my doctoral studies at Stanford under the mentorship of Dr. Garry Nolan. I’m broadly interested in applying multiplexed tissue imaging strategies towards understanding red blood cell cycling. Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and writing, and hiking.

Nagendra Dhanikonda

Undergraduate Research Intern


Washington and Jefferson College (Major: Biology).

I am an undergraduate student majoring in biology at Washington and Jefferson College. I am interested in the general field of virology as well as the interactions between viruses and the host immune system. In the future, I wish to attend medical school and stay involved in research along the way. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, going on hikes, and binge-watching random youtube videos.

Fun fact: I have terrible hand-eye coordination when playing sports.