MAPS: pathologist-level cell type annotation from tissue images through machine learning

Shaban M*, Bai Y*, Qiu H*, Mao S, Yeung J, Yeo YY, Shanmugam V, Chen H, Zhu B, Weirather JL, Nolan GP, Shipp MA, Rodig SJ, Jiang S#, Mahmood F#.

Nat Commun 15, 28 (2024).


Expanded vacuum-stable gels for multiplexed high-resolution spatial histopathology

Bai Y, Zhu B, Oliveria JP, Cannon BJ, Feyaerts D, Bosse M, Vijayaragavan K, Greenwald NF, Phillips D, Schürch CM, Naik SM, Ganio EA, Gaudilliere B, Rodig SJ, Miller MB, Angelo M, Bendall SC, Rovira-Clavé X#, Nolan GP#, Jiang S#.

Nat Commun.



Funding NOA from NIAID DP2

Super awesome to hear the long awaited official news that the Jiang lab will be funded by the New Innovators Award (DP2) to develop new spatial-omics technologies to understand host-viral interactions!

Welcome Jason Yeung

Another brave and inquisitive young investigator joins the team! Looking forward to learning more about the science behind good food!

Funding from the Immunotherapy Institute and Cancer Research Institute at BIDMC

Looking forward to starting work with Drs. David Einstein and Steve Balk to understand orchestrated immune responses in prostate cancer.