Combined protein and nucleic acid staining in tissues with PANINI

Deisher A*, Yeo YY*, Jiang S.

STAR Protocols 2022 September 16


Combined protein and nucleic acid imaging reveals virus-dependent B cell and macrophage immunosuppression of tissue microenvironments.

Jiang S*,@, Chan CN*, Rovira-Clavé X*, Chen H, Bai Y, Zhu B, McCaffrey E, Greenwald NF, Liu C, Barlow GL, Weirather JL, Oliveria JP, Nakayama T, Lee IT, Matter MS, Carlisle AE, Philips D, Vazquez G, Mukherjee N, Busman-Sahay K, Nekorchuk M, Terry M, Younger S, Bosse M, Demeter J, Rodig SJ, Tzankov A, Goltsev Y, McIlwain DR, Angelo M#, Estes JD#,@, Nolan GP#,@.


2022 April 12


Integrating transcription-factor abundance with chromatin accessibility in human erythroid lineage commitment.

Baskar R, Chen AF, Favaro P, Reynolds W, Mueller F, Borges L, Jiang S, Park HS, Kool ET, Greenleaf WJ, Bendall SC.

Cell Rep Methods

2022 March 21


Editorial: Defining the Spatial Organization of Immune Responses to Cancer and Viruses.

Phillips D, Rodig SJ, Jiang S.

Front Immunol 2022 January 24


Improved instrumental techniques, including isotopic analysis, applicable to the characterization of unusual materials with potential relevance to aerospace forensics

Nolan GP, Vallee JF, Jiang S, Lemke LG.

Progress in Aerospace Sciences

2022 January 01


Rhesus Macaque CODEX Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry Panel for Studying Immune Responses During Ebola Infection.

Jiang S*, Mukherjee N*, Bennett RS, Chen H, Logue J, Dighero-Kemp B, Kurtz JR, Adams R, Phillips D, Schürch CM, Goltsev Y, Hickey J, Mccaffrey EF, Delmastro A, Chu P, Reader R, Keesler RI, Galván JA, Zlobec I, Rompay KV, Liu DX, Hensley LE#, Nolan GP#, McIlwain DR#.

Front Immunol

2021 December 06


Robust Single-cell Matching and Multi-modal Analysis Using Shared and Distinct Features Reveals Orchestrated Immune Responses

Zhu BK*, Chen S*, Bai Y, Chen H, Mukherjee N, Vazquez G, McIlwain DR, Tzankov A, Lee IT, Matter MS, Golstev Y, Ma Z#, Nolan GP#, Jiang S#.


2021 December 03


Inflammatory molecular endotypes of nasal polyps derived from White and Japanese populations.

Nakayama T*, Lee IT*, Le W, Tsunemi Y, Borchard NA, Zarabanda D, Dholakia SS, Gall PA, Yang A, Kim D, Akutsu M, Kashiwagi T, Patel ZM, Hwang PH, Frank DN, Haruna S, Ramakrishnan VR, Jiang S#, Nayak JV#.

J Allergy Clin Immunol

2021 December 01


Immune cell topography predicts response to PD-1 blockade in cutaneous T cell lymphoma.

Phillips D, Matusiak M, Gutierrez BR, Bhate SS, Barlow GL, Jiang S, Demeter J, Smythe KS, Pierce RH, Fling SP, Ramchurren N, Cheever MA, Goltsev Y, West RB, Khodadoust MS, Kim YH, Schürch CS, Nolan GP

Nat Commun

2021 November 18


Human influenza virus challenge identifies cellular correlates of protection for oral vaccination.

McIlwain DR, Chen H, Rahil Z, Bidoki NH, Jiang S, Bjornson Z, Kolhatkar NS, Martinez CJ, Gaudillière B, Hedou J, Mukherjee N, Schürch CM, Trejo A, Affrime M, Bock B, Kim K, Liebowitz D, Aghaeepour N, Tucker SN, Nolan GP.

Cell Host Microbe

2021 November 15