By leveraging upon technologies developed in-house or otherwise, particularly revolving around high-dimensional tissue imaging.

We seek to understand host immune responses against viruses (such as HIV, SIV, SARS-CoV-2, EBOV), cancers (eg lymphomas) and immune dysregulation (eg HIV, lymphomas, Chronic Rhinosinusitis). To maximize our success, we partner with clinical collaborators in our quest towards a systems-level understanding of the immune-disease interface through 1) archival clinical samples, 2) small and large animal models and 3) organoid systems. By combining technology development with the questions above, we will decipher higher-order host-disease interactions to understand disease mechanisms with the long-term goal of improving therapeutics.

Viral Pathogenesis

(Projects include HIV, SARS-CoV-2, EBV and EBOV)

Viruses are the best molecular biologists. Its is pertinent to appreciate virus-host interactions in their native context for a glimpse of the molecular mechanisms of how viruses usurp host defense.

Cancer Biology

(Projects include Leukemia and Lymphomas)

“Cancer cells grow faster, adapt better. They are more perfect versions of ourselves.” – Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Emperor of All Maladies. A systems-level understanding of cancers in their native context will enable better ways to predict and combat them.

Immune Dysregulation

(Projects include HIV, Lymphomas, Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Neural-Immune Dysfunctions)

How do our defenders become the enemy? Understanding how our body’s defense can go awry is the key to building better tools to keep them in check.


Spatial Proteomics


50+ plex (mainly) protein fluorescence imaging in 1 single tissue section!

Ionpath MIBIscope

40+ plex (mainly) protein mass-spec imaging in 1 single tissue section!

Spatial Transcriptomics

Nanostring GeoMx

Pathology-guided, targeted spatial transcriptomics!

Nanostring CosMx

Single-cell spatial transcriptomics!



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