A real-time GPU-accelerated parallelized image processor for large-scale multiplexed fluorescence microscopy data

Lu G, Baertsch MA, Hickey JW, Goltsev Y, Rech AJ, Mani L, Forgó E, Kong C, Jiang S, Nolan GP, Rosenthal EL.


Highly multiplexed, single-cell imaging has revolutionized our understanding of spatial cellular interactions associated with health and disease. With ever-increasing numbers of antigens, region sizes, and sample sizes, multiplexed fluorescence imaging experiments routinely produce terabytes of data. Fast and accurate processing of these large-scale, high-dimensional imaging data is essential to ensure reliable segmentation and identification of cell types and for characterization of cellular neighborhoods and inference of mechanistic insights. Here, we describe RAPID, a Real-time, GPU-Accelerated Parallelized Image processing software for large-scale multiplexed fluorescence microscopy Data. RAPID deconvolves large-scale, high-dimensional fluorescence imaging data, stitches and registers images with axial and lateral drift correction, and minimizes tissue autofluorescence such as that introduced by erythrocytes. Incorporation of an open source CUDA-driven, GPU-assisted deconvolution produced results similar to fee-based commercial software. RAPID reduces data processing time and artifacts and improves image contrast and signal-to-noise compared to our previous image processing pipeline, thus providing a useful tool for accurate and robust analysis of large-scale, multiplexed, fluorescence imaging data.